Google Photos will stop syncing to Google Drive

Just a while ago, news came that Google Photos will no longer sync to Google Drive from July. This change appears a long time after Google offered automatic sync between Google Photos and Drive. The company says that the idea of this development is to make it straightforward to prevent unintentional deletion of photos and videos synced across Google Photos and Drive and simplified the overall experience crosswise both products.

Nevertheless, it is going to bring multifarious inconveniences mainly for the users. Many users often access their memories straight from Google Drive or view their valuable photo or video content stored on Drive directly by using the Google Photos app. This latest update is going to affect all end users, comprising Suite consumers. When the update implements in July, photos, and videos users add to Drive will not automatically appear in Photos and vice versa like earlier. Moreover, file deletions won’t sync between the two. Instead, Google will present an option for users to copy images or videos from Drive over to Photos with a newly introduced “upload from Drive” option coming to the Google Photos website. However, after this, you will get two versions of the same file without any link between them. Although, in this facility, Google is also warning here that this might cause headaches when it comes to your cloud storage since if the copied item is original quality, it’ll eat up space in both places. Not good. (Here, photos uploaded at “high” quality do not count against your storage.)

People are getting worried about the data that they have already uploaded on the drive. But Google assures people that when it cuts off this cross-integration in July, nothing will be deleted automatically. Prior to this update, any photos or videos from Drive in Photos that you have uploaded will be available in Photos. But remember that if you have a ‘Google Photos’ folder in Drive, it will remain in Drive, but will not be updated automatically.

According to the experts from Google, this transformation is important and will be supportive of people. But in people’s point of view, this shift is likely to create unnecessary inconvenience. For example, say you like the peace of mind of holding a physical backup of your Google Photos library by that synced Drive folder on your PC. Well, it is a fact that it will not be possible anymore. This will cause big trouble for those who elaborate workflows to keep photos synced across diverse services and cloud platforms. With the new innovations, that goes away and you’ll have to manually download photos every single time you need to use them on a Chromebook, complicating what was a completely seamless procedure. This also clarified that if Google Photos go offline for any reason, your photos will be wholly inaccessible, as opposed to still being accessible through Google Drive during unpredicted outages.

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