The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Legal Services, 2022

The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Legal Services, 2022

Corinne Lepage | The 10 Most Influential Leaders in Legal Services, 2022




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Rui Jorge Coelho Lopes | Founder | Managing Director | Africa Relations of Lopes Attorneys Inc

Rui Jorge Coelho Lopes: A Pioneer in Environmental Law and Animal Welfare

Meet Rui Jorge Coelho Lopes, the Founder, Managing Director, and Head of Africa Relations of Lopes Attorneys Inc., a market-leading, boutique law firm based in Johannesburg. The law firm’s practice areas include civil litigation, corporate commercial, banking and finance, data protection and privacy, media law, access to information, trade, environmental law, ESG compliance, employment law, […]

Michael W. Cardamone: Representing Injured Workers Under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Law

Meet Michael W. Cardamone, the founder, and CEO of Cardamone Law, a rare boutique firm dedicating 100% of its practice to the strong representation of injured workers under the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act. Currently, the law firm is spread across Pennsylvania, from Philadelphia to Pittsburgh, and it has two attorneys and one ‘of counsel’ lawyer […]

Axis Geffen: Finding The Truth All Over The World

It is very difficult to know exactly when private investigators appeared. Researchers say the first-known private investigation agency was founded by a French soldier and privateer named Eugene François Vidocq in 1833. François was inserted into the jail system (undercover) and used former prisoners as agents to investigate in the “grey areas” of the law. […]


Obi Obadike | | CE0

Obi Obadike: Your Health Is Just As Important As Your Business

If you are a CEO of a company and a business leader people that work for you will observe everything you do.  And most of the time they will follow your examples. There is saying lead by example in terms of how professional you are, how you speak to people, how you dress and also […]