The 10 Best Performing CEO’s To Watch in 2020

The 10 Best Performing CEO's To Watch in 2020

The 10 Best Performing CEO's To Watch in 2020




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mYngle brings controllable learning process to convert your investment into success

mYngle: Going Beyond The Realm Of Traditional Education With Digital Learning

mYngle is a globally established, unique platform offering online language education with personalized course plans. It is focused on innovating the traditional world of education by delivering a truly customer oriented solution.  mYngle, under the leadership of Marina Tognetti- founder, has been offering Effective learning process incorporating industry topics & building employees’ skills since inception. […]

Everything we have created with Cucumber has been helped along with large doses of kindness from others and our interest in sustainability and circularity stems from trying to ensure that we leave the world a better place says Nancy

Nancy Zeffman: Musings of a Co-Founder of a fashion start-up

My background is in advertising at Saatchi & Saatchi; Eileen, my Co-Founder, has a background in fashion working for Nicole Fahri. We have been firm friends for a long time, having met at the school gate when our children where little. We felt that our complementary backgrounds, skill sets and characters were perfect to start […]


Approyo A Leading Global SAP Cloud-Centric Solution Provider

Que: Please tell me your story? Or How did you get your start? Ans: I attended Georgia Tech back in my college days, where I found my love for technology. After graduating, I began working with SAP. Over the years, I got more and more involved and ended up owning my own business in the […]

BFI launches INBL 3x3 Season 1

BFI launches INBL 3×3 Season 1

The Basketball Federation of India – the governing body for the Olympic sport of Basketball in India, on Thursday, announced the inaugural season of The Indian National Basketball League 3X3 -2022, to be held from March 18 to May 29, 2022. The highly-anticipated Indian National Basketball League is to be conducted across 20 cities across […]


FinTech Today: Crowdfunding

FinTech Today: Crowdfunding

The United States Financial market is the largest and represents 7.3% (or $1.4 trillion) of U.S. gross domestic product. In 2015, the United States exported $119.6 billion in financial services and insurance and had a $46.7 billion surplus in financial services and insurance trade (excluding re-insurance, the financial services and insurance sectors had a surplus […]

Microchip Simplifies Automotive Designs with ISO 26262-Compliant | AUTOSAR-Ready Devices and Ecosystem

Microchip Simplifies Automotive Designs with ISO 26262-Compliant, AUTOSAR-Ready Devices and Ecosystem

OEMs are experiencing increasing application complexity and the need for AUTOSAR, ISO 26262 functional safety-compliant and secure solutions as the market for electric and autonomous vehicles grows. For automotive developers looking to design scalable applications for future technology while also meeting the latest automotive requirements, Microchip Technology Inc. (Nasdaq: MCHP) today announces a comprehensive ecosystem around […]