Unknown Facts about Energy Sector in India, You don’t Know

0We use energy every day from our daily routine work to our business works. But do you know that electricity is the flow of electros generated by transforming a primary resource, like coal, nuclear or solar into energy. Electricity is something that carries energy to your every taste and supports you to power your lights and appliance. Here, we are presenting some more amazing facts about the energy sector that you do not know:

Sun is the Biggest Source of Power

The Sun is the biggest source of power; on an average one hour’s worth of energy from the Sun could power the Earth for a year.

Google Use more Power than Expectation

The energy Google needs to conduct ten searches could power a 60 watt light bulb. At one time the energy search engine use could power 200,000 homes. So make sure, next time you search for anything.

Gas does not have Smell

Natural gas is mainly made up of methane; it does not have any kind of smell. Companies add Sulphur compounds to give the gas a distinctive smell. It is done for safety reasons and supports you to smell a possible leak.

Coal is the Major Source of Energy

A lot of countries depend on coal for producing energy. The US produces half of its electricity; China products three-fourths of its electricity from coal; Australia, South Africa, and Poland create an even greater percentage of energy from coal.

Biggest Producer and Reservoir of Oil

There are ten countries in the world, which produce 2/3 of the world’s oil. And, they also have the same percentage of known reserves.  Saudi Arabia holds the top position in both lists.

US is on Top in Nuclear-generated Energy

United States is on top rank in producing nuclear-generated electricity than any other country, it produces nearly 1/3 of the world’s total energy. France is one second position, which generates more than 3/4 of its electricity in nuclear reactors.

Largest Source of Greenhouse Gas

In the USA, electric utilities are the largest source of greenhouse gas.

Wind Turbine can Generate huge Electricity

Turbine is great in generating electricity. Just 1 wind turbine can generate enough electricity to power approx 1,400 homes.

China in on Top in Generating Energy

When it comes to generating energy through turbine, China is the first name. As of 2017, the country makes 2 wind turbines in every hour.

UK is Top in Renewable Energy

In renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar power, UK is one top. It generates almost a third of the UK’s electricity.

Renewable Energy is on Great Demand

Renewable Energy is on great demand; it is able to create 5 times more jobs than fossil fuels.

First Commercial Offshore Wind Turbine

30 years ago, Siemens created the first commercial offshore wind turbine. The blades of this turbine are 5 metres long, producing just 30 kilowatts of power. Today, the latest model has 75 metre blades that are able to produce 6 megawatts (25,000 times as much) that are enough to power 6,000 homes.

Solar Power can be Used at Night

If you think solar power is only a daytime deal, you may be wrong.  You can store the power from the sun in salt and utilize that at night.

Romans are First on Geothermal Energy

If we talk about the use of geothermal energy, Romans were the very first to use this form of energy to heat their homes.

Fist Solar-powered Airplane

In the file of solar energy, a world record was made in 1990.  In United States, a solar-powered airplane flew across the country in stages; it did not use any fuel at all.

The ‘Green Internet’

Many contemporary tech giants like Google, Apple, and Facebook are focusing to create a ‘green internet’. Every company is using increasingly green energy to power the web.

Nobel Prize for Discovering Solar Panels

In 1921 Albert Einstein was given the Nobel Prize award in Physics for his discovery of the photoelectric effect – and hence, solar panels.

Speed of Electricity is same as Light

Electricity is able to travel very fast like the speed of light. Although, the dimensions of the wire and other factors widely affect its speed, but it’s usually around 90% of the speed of light or 270,000 km in every second.

Human Bodies also Use Electricity

You will be surprised to know that we use electricity not only to power our devices, but our bodies also. Bioelectricity is used to pass signals from cells to muscles, and we need adequate voltage, about -50 millivolts, to heal.

Australia is Giant in Producing Energy

Australia is giant in producing energy, it produces around three times more energy than we consume.

Dependency on Non-renewable Energy

Most of the energy we produce (88%) is from non-renewable sources, like coal, natural gas, and petroleum products. In renewable sources, hydroelectricity provides 5% and wind accounted for 4%.

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