TechnoPilot: Provides a Secure Operating Environment and Top Notch Network Security Services

According to Stratistics MRC, the Global Information Security Consulting market was estimated at $15.89 billion in 2016 and is expected to reach $30.11 billion by 2022 growing at a CAGR of 11.2 percent from 2016 to 2022. Massive cyber security breaches have become almost a commonplace, regularly grabbing headlines that alarm consumers and leaders. But for all of the attention such incidents have attracted in recent years, many organizations worldwide still struggle to comprehend and manage emerging cyber risks in an increasingly complex digital society. Increasing network attacks and growing complexity in network infrastructure are the key factors driving the Information Security Consulting market growth.  Headquartered in Kochi, TechnoPilot specialises in harnessing the best of frontier technology to give Company a secure operating environment and Top Notch Network Security by not just strategic fire fighting but by using advanced techniques like Elliptic Curve Cryptography, Nanotechnology, Quantum Physics, Visualisation & The Law of Attraction.

TechnoPilot strives to impact a worldwide integration of frontier Technology, Security of communication resources, the right coaching and holistic healing for all businesses. “TechnoPilot is the only company in the world which provides an umbrella of services that include Top notch network security, Business success coaching as well as Energy healing services which is the backbone of our trademarked Divine Grid Healing. These are all the business essentials for any business to grow, to make profit and in brand-building. As a Business Coach, we ensure clarity in your business goals and objectives and help you to develop skills and acquire the resources needed to operate a successful enterprise. This starts with the basic Company Logo Design, which should harness energies and bring in revenue 24X7. An economical Elliptic Curve Scalar Multiplication algorithmic rule appropriate for Wireless Network , Cryptography for Wireless sensing element Networks & use of Scalar Energy implement immoderate secure networked system as well their operators, are also being developed at our R&D labs.  These make our company a niche operator in the global arena. Further TechnoPilot is specialised in proactive threat protection and develop software that reacts immediately to new and emerging threats and protects users in real time,” says Dr RK Thomas, Founder, TechnoPilot.

The intellect behind creating a better place for the world

TechnoPilot was established by Dr RK Thomas, a highly commended former Naval Commander who has spent his lifetime in the pursuit of frontier technology. An avid aviator, he was educated from the best of institutions in the world over including Stanford University USA, Kent State University USA & IIT Delhi. He has obtained Doctorate/ undertaken pioneering research, in the niche areas of Computer Science, Network Security and Alternative Medicine with a Fellowship in Corporate Social Responsibility from New York. Dr RK Thomas has a unique distinction in conceptualizing and developing niche projects in the Indian Navy including Naval Intranet in 1998, Navy wide enterprise E-Learning in 2004 , Malware Analysis Lab in 2008, securing Naval networks and in TEMPEST. The intellect has also worked at the highest echelons in Network security in India including with the NSA, DRDO and securely hardening the communication backbone infrastructure. He has been a Gold Medallist in every course undertaken to date and has obtained certifications in CSR, Computer Science, Aerospace,  Mechanical  & Marine Engineering, Management, HR, IT Security, Resource Management, Project Management, Production & Operations Management, Six Sigma, Cryptography, Cloud Computing, Benchmarking, Business  Success Coaching and more than 15 Healing / Wellness modalities. Dr RK Thomas has also been awarded as Emerging Technology Initiative at FINNOVEX – The Summit for Global Innovation & Excellence at Dubai , UAE , March 2019 for superlative performance.

Incepted in the year 2013, TechnoPilot has clientele from across the world such as UAE, Kuwait, Mozambique, Germany, USA, UK, Canada, Russia, Singapore, Puerto Rico and Alaska. TechnoPilot provides services all over the world and distance is no barrier when compared to the genuine intent of organisations and individuals to strive for success and well- being. Brick and Mortar offices are also being setup world over in a phased manner as per synergised expansion plan. The firm has an existing clientele of over 3000 satisfied and happy clients from individuals to large businesses. “Treat people with respect and they’ll return the favour to your company. It’s important for a company to be a family: that people feel as if they’re a part of the company and the company is like a family to them’. Comfort-ability is the worst friend for a successful business to have, so steer clear of it and try to put some effort into every task we do and every objective we pursue. If are able to make each day of work exciting and thrilling, then there will be no one to hold us back. We have the best consultants in the world working for us in the niche areas of our work. The work ethos in any area of our expertise will spill of perfect harmony, professional excellence and empathy. Every person at TechnoPilot knows and practices that it is important to give to society much more than what we take from it. Profit Making is hence not central to our business plan,” added Dr RK Thomas.

The IT Security firm has achieved various awards, achievements and recognitions. The organization has been recognized with Excellence in Encryption award at FINSEC – The Banking Security Summit at Dubai, UAE, March 2018, TechnoPilot has also bagged the Health Excellence Award from the Indian Board of Alternative Medicines in 2013. Further TechnoPilot has also been featured in magazine articles for Best in Country Media Survey Awards. Sphere-headed firm, within 5 years of inception, to feature in list of “50  Fastest Growing CEOs in India – 2017”, “25 most Valuable CEOs in India” in 2018, “10 Best Security Companies  2018”,  Winner of “Company of the Year – Energy Healing – 2017”, Annual Roll of Honour in 20 most promising “Cyber Security Solution Providers”  in leading globally published prominent magazines.

The firm with a confident outlook aspires to increase its clientele and geographical expansion in the near future. “Presently we are working on frontier technology of the future in the field of quantum physics, a few projects of which are already implemented. These have been enormously successful and looking to disruptively changing the phase of society to that of success, well being and positive transformation. We see opportunities in both the consumer and enterprise segment. We are focusing on strengthening our channel ecosystem and increasing our presence in India across tier 2 and tier 3 cities. By 2020, we would like to be present in all channels of distribution in order to reach out to potential customers and provide flexibility in licensing by partnering with Managed Service Providers.

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