Sterlite Power: Provides bespoke solutions to solve complex problems for power sector

Power is one of the most critical components of infrastructure crucial for the economic growth and
welfare of nations. The existence and development of adequate infrastructure is essential for sustained
growth of the Indian economy. India’s power sector is one of the most diversified in the world.
Electricity demand in the country has increased rapidly and is expected to rise further in the years
to come. In order to meet the increasing demand for electricity in the country, massive addition to
the installed generating capacity is required. Sterlite Power is a leading global developer of power
transmission infrastructure empowering humanity by addressing the toughest challenges of energy
delivery. “We are at the forefront of energy transmission, with talent and technology coming together
to create lasting social impact. Sterlite Power believes that electricity access transforms societies
and delivers long lasting social impact, and access to reliable power should be a fundamental right.
This vision has shaped our journey right from inception and today we are a leading integrated power
transmission developer and solutions provider, operating in India and Brazil,” says Pratik Agarwal,
Group CEO, Sterlite Power.

The firm offers has four key Business Units: Global Infrastructure, Solutions, Convergence, and
management of Infrastructure Investment Trust. “Our Global Infra business is a leading developer
of power transmission infrastructure in India and Brazil. The Solutions business unit addresses the
increasing energy demand due to urbanization and has been a pioneer in the specialized EPC
segment through unique upgrade and uprate projects across the country. We export industry-leading
power conductors, EHV cables and OPGW conductors to organizations in more than 40 countries
around the world. The company’s Convergence business aims to utilize existing power transmission
assets to bring robust internet connectivity to rural and urban parts of the country. This business
segment serves all the top Telcos in India today. And lastly, we were the first to sponsor India’s
only power transmission InvIT called IndiGrid to allow large scale capital infusion into the sector,”
adds Pratik.

Expert in the Industry

Pratik Agarwal, is the Group CEO of Sterlite Power. He has held this position since June 2016;
previously he was the vice-chairman of Sterlite Grid, and also Director of the Infrastructure business
for the Vedanta Group. He is a Wharton graduate and an MBA from London Business School with
over 10 years of experience in building core infrastructure assets in India. He founded the Group’s
infrastructure business in 2009 and built it up to levels where it now has significant investments in
ports, power transmission and broadband networks. He is also the Chairman of the Electric Power
Transmission Association and Transmission Task Force of FICCI. Pratik is a thought leader in the
power sector and an ET 40 under 40 awardees.

Keeping a pace with the change

Sterlite Power is a leading integrated power transmission developer and solutions provider globally,
focused on addressing complex challenges in the sector around time, space and capital. The company
is divided into for business verticals – Infrastructure, Solutions, Convergence and Investment

“Our core focus lies in our Global Infrastructure Business where we bid, design, construct, own
and operate power transmission assets across multiple geographies. Given our expertise in project
execution and our experience in leveraging cutting-edge technology, we have built a track record
of commissioning projects ahead of schedule, addressing the key constraint of time. We help to meet the industry’s need for capital by being at the forefront of financial innovation via IndiGrid, India’s first power sector Infrastructure Investment Trust (InvIT). Urbanization, environment regulations and Right of Way (ROW) issues create a space constraint for power transmission projects. We differentiate ourselves as the only player in this sector which successfully addresses all the three key constraints of time, space and capital,” pinpoints Pratik.

Sterlite Power has accomplished many projects over the years. One of the recent projects is the
Kashmir – NRSS XXIX project that is considered as one of the largest private sector transmission
project commissioned in the country till date was dedicated to the nation by Honorable Prime
Minister of India, Mr. Narendra Modi. “We have also instituted world-class processes and practices
to ensure safety for all our workers, contractors, employees and community at large and have
recently been awarded with first International ROSPA Gold Award in Safety for excellent track
Record in occupational health & safety management systems and high level of compliance with
control measure. Sterlite Power is the first organization in the transmission sector to be awarded
ISO 45001:2018 certification for quality, health & safety.”

The firm strongly believe that innovation and sustainability walk together, and implemented
strategically can lead to competitive advantage for businesses. From use of heavy & medium lift
helicopters to in-house capability for UAV technology and LIDAR surveillance activities, Sterlite
have time-and-again innovated aviation technology for the delivering the best. This has not only
led the company to conquer challenging terrains but also has enabled to bring out precision in
construction. The Power Transmission have also been a part of many firsts- from designing and
constructing a vertical substation to addressing the challenge of space to reconductoring of 66KV
transmission line in live line conditions in Bangalore.

At Sterlite Power, the working environment fosters openness, transparency, accessibility and
collaboration through a open door culture which is evident from the office design and layout. There
is a non-hierarchical culture and everybody is allowed to speak their mind. Leaders create an
environment in which their team members feel comfortable sharing their opinions and perspectives.
The culture is fast-paced, ambitious, empowering, achievement-oriented and purposeful. “We aim
to ensure complete alignment with our core purpose of “Empowering Humanity by Addressing the
Toughest Challenges of Energy Delivery”, and with our core values of Innovation, Respect, Social
Impact and Fun,” elaborates Pratik

“Sterlite Power leverages new technology across every phase of a project and never shy away from
challenging the status quo and innovate. The firm is excited to work with the best and most innovative
partners in the industry, forging long term symbiotic relationships. We take our processes very
seriously and have done exceptionally well in the areas of project management as well as front
creation. However, we are firm believers that safety comes first.”

The firm with a confident outlook aspires to increase its revenue and clients in the years to come.
“Over the years, we have differentiated ourselves as innovators and leveraged people, process &
technology to our advantage. Today the Sterlite Power group has four distinct business units with
global presence. Our Global Infra Business unit has operations in both India and abroad with 24
projects, and capex commitment of more than $5 billion,” concluded Pratik.

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