Search Quest Consultants: Bridging the gap between the Brightest Professionals and Best Employers

Search Quest Consultants: Recruitment is one of the most essential functions for every organization. In fact, in the absence of a good Recruitment system no organization can exist for a long duration. Because in every organization all the resources like, money, material, machines are utilized properly through man power. Hence it is too important that all the personnel (employees) in organization should appoint at the job according to their ability, talent, aptitude and specializations which can only be possible through a good Recruitment system. Thus, it is clear that Recruitment is too important for every organization. Selecting and hiring the right talent is a crucial decision for any company’s growth and objectives.  Even though every business has its own Human Resource (HR) segment to handle recruitment process, there is a massive rise in the demand for professional Recruitment services across many businesses for different reasons. Whether you want full-time workforce or need part-time employees, Recruitment services can be the best bet for business. This is one of the reasons why businesses are relying on Recruitment firms these days to find the perfect talent for their organisation within the stipulated timeframe.

Search Quest Consultants is a full spectrum recruitment services company catering to the diverse workforce needs across industry verticals. Established in the year 2008, Search Quest Consultants is a dedicated team of professional recruitment consultants offering specialized talent acquisition services for the strategic human capital programs of several top-tier enterprises.

The Services

Customized end-to-end recruitment solutions: Search Quest provides customized recruitment, sourcing and support solutions to SMEs as well as large corporate across the country. The company have on board a seasoned team of professionals with Hands-on experience and extensive industry knowledge across all major industries at the very highest levels of management and operations. In addition to executive search, the firm also serve as consultants to the clients on all matters pertaining to human capital needs, including succession planning, compensation assessment, recruitment strategies and competitive analyses.

Recruitment Consulting Services: Search Quest helps businesses to analyse their assessment and selection strategies by benchmarking them against best-in-class companies to improve organizational effectiveness and deliver results. With the bespoke approach to recruitment, the firm have delivered significant advantage to companies by helping them reduce costs, streamline operations and grow their revenues. The offerings are designed to help companies convert the acquisition of top talent into a competitive advantage. Search Quest can add value to the existing recruiting resources with the right blend of people, processes and technologies to bring the necessary convergence between the talent management and business strategy.

Market Intelligence Services: Search Quest uniquely positioned to leverage market knowledge to provide exceptional executive search, talent management and market intelligence services. The firm carry out comprehensive studies within organisations across departments, profiles and positions and provide clients with insights that are of use for HR decisions. The organization also benchmark company surveys, defining functional as well as organisational hierarchy and provide the most current and relevant information on organisational strategies of competitors.

Turnkey Projects: Search Quest undertakes turnkey recruitment projects for companies looking to fill several positions across all verticals against very tight timelines. Turnkey projects are different from regular recruitment needs of a company, in that such need(s) come about in times of rapid expansion, M&A exercise, or during the launch of a new division/product. Time is of essence during such recruitment drives as timely filling up of positions lead to huge cost savings as the client can hit the ground running and stay ahead of the competition. As a leading executive search firm, the firm have an unrivalled reach among senior executives. Search Quest pool of available talent includes executives whose experiences cover all disciplines and a wide spectrum of businesses. Search Quest ensure that all the potential candidate profiles are rigorously vetted, which enables to respond to executive placement needs at short notice.

RPO: Recruitment Process Outsourcing is a part of HR augmentation and when executed optimally, equips an organisation with high calibre workforce while minimizing functional expenditure. RPO also aims at an exhaustible re-generation of the entire recruitment and resource chain. Consequently, RPO takes centre stage as opposed to traditional hiring services can offer. Search Quest is among the early pioneers of RPO in the Indian recruitment context. It puts the responsibility of recruiting in the hands of the experts, while it frees up existing resources, enabling management teams to focus on the core business. The experienced team of consultants combined with unparalleled recruitment know-how reduces all risks and results in perceptibly enhanced quality of service through the entire process.

The Best in the Industry

As an organisation, Search Quest is beginning to mature into one that understands the need to leverage both industry-specific expertise and functional skills. The factors that give the firm an edge over the competitors in the market are the Best Practices, Quality & Dependability, Customized Solution, Domain Expertise and Partnership Approach are a few reason to be cited.

The Lady behind the Curtain

Nishu Miglani, Founder & Managing Director has been instrumental in establishing Search Quest. She has more than 27 years of experience working for companies such as Manpower and ABC Consultants. A veteran in the executive search and selection industry, Nishu has excellent industry contacts and has been successful in establishing deep and abiding relationships with corporate and industry.

A Master Degree holder in Civil Engineering, she manages business development, sales funnel Management, people development and training, strategy and formulation of policies at corporate level. Nishu is also personally involved in executing CXO and leadership level searches. A result-driven talent acquisition professional, Nishu also has a proven track record of improving and establishing effective recruiting and sourcing processes. Nishu earlier served as a Lieutenant (Short Services Commission) in the Indian Navy and has the distinction of being one among the first batch of women officers.

Work Culture

  1. Intrapreneurship: Search Quest encourages intrapreneurship as the firm believes “no idea is a bad idea” policy. The firm supports the employees need to try out their ideas, and letting them pitch decision-makers at the company.
  2. Reward experimentation even failure: Search Quest reward innovative habits. Nothing kills creativity faster than the fear of failure, so should celebrate the success of any experimentation, the company also celebrate the failures.
  3. Encourage research: Along with encouraging the team to experiment, the company also encourage them to do their own research as well. Search Quest also ask the employees to do research as they look into recruiting professionals new technologies, reading articles and writing reports for the company.
  4. Shake things up: “There’s no better way to get the employees thinking outside the box than to assign them new and exciting projects outside the scope of their daily activities. While some employees may initially react with a fear of failure, ultimately they will be engaged by the chance to try something new in your supportive “no idea is a bad idea” work environment.”
  5. Progressive leadership approach: “There’s no better way to encourage innovation in our company than to lead by example. Innovation starts at the top – so all our leaders (core team) are role models for workplace passion, positive outlook, clear direction and vision, and of course, embracing change.”

In the Pursuit of serving the clients better

“Search Quest engages the clients and allows them to experience our brand. The firm understands their relationship with our brand and explore their social media influence by providing value. We make them feel special and respond to their every concern by demonstrating authentic concerns. Search Quest streamlines the experience and actively listens to the customers,” says Nishu Miglani, Founder & Managing Director, Search Quest.

The factors that have contributed to Search Quest success is the Core team stability from inception, Domain expertise, Process excellence, Customer retention and SLA driven approach. The firm with a positive outlook aspires to expand its wings geographically in the years to come. The company also aims to increase its clients and revenue in the near future. “As seasoned executive search professionals, the leadership team at Search Quest brings to bear over three decades’ collective experience and a proven track record of delivering qualified and competent executives to address the needs of the industry in the short and long terms.  We have – in a short span of time – established ourselves as the favoured recruitment partner for marquee clients and career professionals. Currently, we have operations in three locations: Sion (Mumbai), Borivali (Mumbai) and Pune. Recently Search Quest Consultants has also launched their operation in Canada,” concluded Nishu.

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