Melior Structural Solutions: Carving Buildings with State-of-the-art Precast & Prestressed Concrete Design & Solutions

Melior Structural Solutions was founded by Sanjeev and the other director, Monika in late 2012. Key aim behind finding this venture was to offer structural design services facilitating better & modern construction systems for the construction industry. With precast design solutions, the aim was to provide a better alternative to the existing methods of construction in India.

Starting with a small set up, Melior has successfully executed 100+ projects in very short duration for approximately 40 different clients spread all over India and outside India. It became private ltd. entity in 2014 and has been growing continuously at an average of 25 to 30% annually.

Melior has evolved in a short duration to be rated amongst the few top precast structural consultants in India. Though the company has had their share of challenges and obstacles on the way, the journey so far has been very satisfactory for being part of the change happening in construction industry for the better.

Incredible Products and Services Offered by the Company

Melior Structural Solutions provides structural design services using precast construction method and utilizes 3D Building Information Modeling (BIM) for the detailing. It is a niche segment with few service providers and the technology is highly modern, innovative & unconventional. Their services promotes industrialized form of construction rather than conventional site/project based construction and that sets the company apart from other conventional structural designers.

The drawings preparation being carried out in 3D environment with the help of advance software rather than conventional 2D environment provides a unique modern experience to the client, architects and other relevant parties as they can better visualize the structure before its construction.

Leaders of Victorious Company

Melior Structural Solutions was founded by Sanjeev Sharma, joining hands with other Director, Monika. While Sanjeev manages Business Generation and Operations, Monika handles IT & Finance. He is a university Gold Medalist in BE Civil Engineering and have completed his masters in structural engineering from US. He worked in UAE for around 10 years before moving back to India in 2008 and headed few international companies prior to forming Melior Structural Solutions. The company has employed capable managers and team-leaders who coordinate and assure successful completion of design & detailing projects.

During the last twenty-two years of Sanjeev’s career, he has been involved in structural design & detailing of more than 300 small & large scale projects across India, Middle-east, Africa, Iraq etc., using modern construction technologies such as precast and pre-stressed concrete as well as conventional technologies such as cast in situ reinforced concrete, structural steel, etc.

Apart from the design projects, he have been promoting precast technology in India via lectures and presentations in several forums organized by institutions / companies such as Hindustan Prefab Limited, Franchise India, Indian Institute of Technology etc.

Accolades of Melior Structural Solutions

Melior was awarded among the top10 best start up’s in engineering services by Silicon India in 2018. Currently, Melior is involved in precast structural design of some of the tallest precast commercial and residential buildings in India in addition to providing designs for large mass housing projects. They have partnered with several reputed developers & precast contractors and are assisting them in implementation of this technology for their large scale housing projects whereby completion time can be reduced drastically.

Current Scenario of the Industry and Upcoming Opportunities

Construction Industry has traditionally been slow in exploring innovative methods and materials compared to other industries. However, since last ten years lot has happened and it’s accredited to developers and contractors for this paradigm shift where several new building technologies have penetrated India – precast construction method being the most sought after.

Credit also goes to new government policies and government institutions such as BMTPC, HPL etc. who off late have invested a lot in promoting newer construction technologies.

In addition to that, being an engineering consultancy, the company faced challenges like lack of sufficient codal provisions for precast design in Indian standards posed several challenges in creating the acceptability in the market for precast construction. Researching design methods followed in several developed countries, bringing them to India, getting those vetted in Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT’s) prior to its application helped the company overcome these challenges.

Change in existing construction methods is need of the hour. Due to more awareness of end user as regards quality & delivery, shortage of traditional labor, increasing demand for housing etc., there exists large opportunities for those involved with modern construction methods including us.

Challenges Encountered at the time of Inception

Like for any other start up, initial years have been tough considering the generation of business and meeting expenses. Being in the niche segment and promoting new technology, the company had to convince hard the clients about the benefits it can bring to projects and to the industry as a whole. Thus, efforts have been on quality service to the clients with focus on their small and big needs getting fulfilled. It helped them retain their clients over long period with repeat orders.

Melior Structural’s focus has been more on partnering with clients for a long-term association rather than getting any single project and the company takes pride in completion of 100 plus projects in a short period and are currently offering their services to several major developers/contractors pan India.

Another major challenge have been to build and retain a capable team which is well trained and well versed with this new construction technology. Selection of right talent, creating an environment of freedom for learning and performing and regular training/mentoring helped the company overcome this challenge.

Factors that Consolidated the Cornerstone of Company

The company’s success is contributed to the expertise they carry in the field, the benefits precast technology brings into the industry, company’s sincerity and efforts towards their work, their persistent focus & investment on innovation & technology had helped them survive the competition and provided regular business from their esteemed clients with whom the company enjoy tremendous goodwill and sense of reliability.

Motivating Creativity and Innovation in the Workspace

The company encourage exploration and experimentation in the workplace. They also focus on mentoring, cross questioning, skill enhancing and persistently reward the performers.

Providing Genuine Expertise Builds Long-term Customer Relationship

Melior Structural explore the global technologies and is excited to invest in state-of-the-art software such as TEKLA, REVIT etc. for their drawings and detailing deliverables.

The company is also excited to help implementing state-of-the-art production systems such as carousel systems, battery mould system, hollowcore/double Tee/half slab systems etc. and state-of-the-art precast accessories such as wire loops, splice sleeves etc. that are going to be the game changers in construction industry in near future.

The company’s tactics are fairly simple. Build modern and niche expertise and serve the client sincerely. A genuine expertise is always going to create value. A value once created is always going to bond the company with the client towards a long-term relationship.

Insight to the Future Plans

“Melior” is a latin word for “Better”. So in essence company’s prime focus is to keep enhancing and making better their skills and services. This involves research and implementation of newer systems that can benefit the construction industry. Easy and cost effective precast element connections, low seismic damage systems and automation in construction are some of the areas that Melior is working on in collaboration with their clients. The company is further working hard on implementation of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology in their methods of work that is a shift to 3D environment than the current 2D environment of making drawings. They also intend to expand more into Global Market in next three to four years.

Achievements Achieved so Far

Some of the ongoing crucial projects of Melior Structural Solutions includes the tallest residential and commercial buildings in India using precast construction method. They are designing 480 villas in Noida and four high rise towers in Gurgaon. They are also designing the precast stadium in Qatar that shall host the 2022 FIFA world cup.

The company has just completed B+G+14 storey residential Project in Brigade orchards, Devanhali, Bangalore. This has helped the developer achieve excellent quality and faster construction with an in-house construction team, thus reaping high financial rewards. Another project worth mentioning is the mass housing project in Raipur, Chattisgarh being constructed for the Chattissgarh Housing board under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna where 6000 apartments for low income groups are to be constructed in record time using precast construction technology.

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