Janitri Innovations: Exceptional Tech-based Innovations in Healthcare  

The triumphant journey of Janitri innovations commenced with visiting more than hundred plus hospitals across India for the needed identification and validation. After which the company embarked on the prototype and developed it with few collaboration in primary, secondary and tertiary hospitals for the pilot purposes. Based on these pilot feedbacks, they developed the minimum viable product and incepted commercial pilots. At present, their presence is more than forty plus hospitals in seven plus states across India at the moment.

Genius and Genuine Services for Mothers and Newborns

KEYAR is an affordable, easy to use and wearable fetal heart rate, uterine contraction and maternal heart rate monitoring device for intra-partum care. KEYAR displays fetal heart rate, uterine contraction & maternal heart rate in an easy format which is interpretable by a low skilled health worker. KEYAR communicates with their mobile application DAKSH which is an intelligent intrapartum monitoring mobile application for digital partograph and paperless labor monitoring. DAKSH allows the staff nurse to register and enter vital signs of a pregnant woman. It reminds the staff nurse to monitor the labor vitals, as per the standard WHO intrapartum protocol. It also generates alerts in case of complications, based on an in-built algorithm.

A Journey started off with Small Observations to Achieving a Breakthrough

Arun Agarwal, Founder of Janitri Innovations, is native to a small town in India. Since his childhood he witnessed many of his family members and neighbors suffer from health problem like diabetes, malaria, jaundice, pneumonia and many more. During his undergraduate study, he realized that technology can solve most of the healthcare related problems and that motivated him to pursue a post-graduation in biomedical engineering. After completing his PG, he started visiting villages in India to explore health related problems. While talking to community, pregnant women, mothers, midwives and doctors, Arun was able to connect the dots with his childhood memories. He realized that maternal & child health is a huge problem in India and many deaths can be prevented by simple affordable innovations. Further, Arun visited 100+ healthcare settings across India to explore problems related to maternal & child healthcare and decided to work on the problems through Janitri Innovations.

Overwhelmed with the Support came from Government

As a firm, Janitri is privileged to receive grant support from Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, BIRAC, Government of Karnataka (Startup Karnataka scheme), VILLGRO, Grand Challenges Canada etc. These grants helped the company in product development in pilot. Apart from grants, they won Tie Anthah Prerana, Qualcomm Design Challenge, LES APAC conference, Falling Walls etc.

Rural India has Biggest Healthcare Challenges, also Home for Opportunities

In India, mass lives in rural areas hence major challenges and opportunities exist there. There is a huge potential of affordable healthcare services/technology for the mass population that lives in rural area. Defined steps need to put forward along with rectified innovations, solutions and services at right time right place. That is inclusive of early screening, diagnostic, monitoring, telemedicine etc. in the areas of cardiac, neuro, maternal and child health etc.

Janitri’s Mantra: Do early, Fail Early and Ameliorate

Janitri Innovations follow the process of “do early, fail early” and innovate on routine basis for their product development, pilot, and internal process etc. That offers room for team members to strive on and think-out-of-the-box hence creativity comes with innovation. The company efforts on testing the product or feature in the hospital (urban and rural) in real time to receive the feedback of the relevant stake holders (nurses, doctors, patient). Based on the feedback, they take quick decision on modification or inclusion or removal of any technology component. Major factor that contribute to the company’s success is their passionate team members which the founder found at early stage made the overall progress.

To Serve Customers Better, Validate their Feedbacks to Real Terms

As an initial step, Janitri provides the best-in-class products, services and maintenance. Their main strategy is, frequent and regular interaction with the customers, so as to get their view/comment/feedback on the overall product. Further, the company validate and implement that in their internal process and try to incorporate that feedback into the product to ensure that customers/users should get what they are looking for. This will help us to build the relation and improve the product.

Striving on Innovative Solutions on Maternal and Newborn Mortality

Janitri Innovations is focusing on maternal and child health problems as maternal mortality and newborn mortality is still a major concern across the world. They believe that more than 80% of these problems can be solved by simple innovations in a sustainable manner. Therefore, the company strive on MCH and envision to expand across the globe with their current product.

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