Banthia& Co. Advocates: Offerers of Top-of-the-LeagueServices in Legal Profession

Banthia& Co. Advocates is a firm which specializes in property law and real estate matters across India and majorly serves Archdioceses/Dioceses and Religious Congregations of Roman Catholic Church spread across the globe. Due to the presence nearly in all the states of India, expertise in local laws became their forte, thus ensuring the maximum competency in legal solutions.

Their passion which is in legal profession has triggered their activities even internationally. As out-turn they possess 6 International offices in Dubai, Japan, Singapore, Turkey, U.K (BLS-Banthia Legal Services- a UK based Knowledge Process Outsourcing Company and a subsidiary of BCA) and U.S. Their empire has outspread with 2 delegate International offices in New York and Chicago; BCA has thrived with their multiple services pertaining to Legal Outsourcing, Paralegal and Secretarial Services with a team of over 372+ advocates.

Their mantra to success is, “We Believe in perfection, punctuality, sincerity and commitment to work. And to maintain cordial relations with our clients for long term associations.”

Continuing the Legacy in Law Firms

Neelesh Banthia who is the Head of Banthia & Co. Advocates unfolds how his entire lineage, starting from his great grandfather down to him, have worked towards growth and expansion this law firm. Then his grandfather, Late Shri Nihal Singh ji Sb. Banthia, established the Banthia & Co. Advocates in 1953 continuing the legacy. The firm has its headquarters at Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh) India. With an astute insight, he wanted to bring all committed and specialised advocates under one umbrella to provide best possible legal services to the clients of varied sectors in central India.

At present, his father Mr. B.S. Banthia (Supreme Court Advocate) and he himself are leading   the firm with full dedication and commitment. At inception, they had 3 offices and workforce of 10 advocates and now the expansion has reached to 400 advocates and 23 offices across the world.

Neelesh’s Endeavor to Bring Positive Change at BCA

Mr. Neelesh Banthia is a seasoned lawyer and well experienced in dealing with legal matters across the globe. He has around 19+ years of rich experience and currently managing a team of around 372+ lawyers, specialized in handling variety of legal works from different jurisdictions across continents. Being the owner of one of the leading law firms in India, he also acquires the position amongst the youngest law firm owners in India.

Neelesh’s career got wings as a Pilot but he discerned his inner self as maneuverer for Banthia& Co. Advocates, making it reach newer heights. His urge to bring a positive change in this profession and continuing the legacy has land him here. He wants to bring the change with dynamic approach and reorient the conventional ways of legal practice with commitment, honesty, obedience, and accomplish the target pretty soon.

BCA with Best-in-class Services, Not to Mention the Awards and Accolades

  • BCA was recognized as the TOP 10 PROMISING LEGAL CONSULTANTS IN INDIA by Legal Consultants Magazine, September 2017.
  • BCA was recognized as THE 10 BEST CONSTITUTIONAL LEGAL FIRMS IN 2017 by Insight Success Magazine, December 2017.
  • Reviewed as The 50 MOST PROMINENT CONSULTING COMPANIES in 2018, January edition of Insights Success.
  • BCA has commenced its new office recently in Tokyo, Japan as an Associate Office with HARAGUCHI INTERNATIONAL LAW OFFICE.

Earned the Wings

  • Banthia& Co. Advocates has successfully completed 64 years in the legal profession.
  • Banthia& Co. Advocates is the first law firm in India having established a tie up office in Turkey and Japan.
  • The firm has made a mark by opening 8 International Offices across the world and serving clients across the globe.
  • At present the firm is serving around 20 Archdiocese/Diocese and 80 Religious Congregations worldwide.
  • The firm has started a UK based KPO company in the name and style of Banthia Legal Services UK Ltd.
  • NeeleshBanthia has been awarded with the membership of International Council of Jurists.

At BCA, Customer Feedback is Held in High Regard

Don Cebula, Chief Innovation Office, Boston says, “I was very pleased with the quality, attentiveness and responsiveness of your services. I found you to be very knowledgeable on property law matters as they came up, and a real expert in finance, securities and corporate issues. You were instrumental in getting the land deal done successfully. Unlike other lawyers I have dealt with in the past, you always responded very promptly to messages. You always acted as a true friend to the company, and became a trusted advisor.”

Steve Brackney, Senior Vice-President, Croydon says,“Thank you for your professional services. You have provided outstanding legal council. We have searched a long time to find an attorney that is trustworthy and dependable. We are very pleased to have you as a part of our team. I look forward to having the opportunity to work with you again, and would recommend your services wholeheartedly.”

Franke Anthony, Global Managing Director, Houston says,“I would like to say from the bottom of my heart thank you Neelesh Banthia, Advocate and your committed team of lawyers for helping me with my case. I’d also like to thank you for your time, effort, professionalism, and getting everything from start to finish in a timely manner. You did an awesome job and was quick to get my work settled in time.”

Timothy Noel, Chief Legal Officer & Exec. VP, India says,“You were as experienced and knowledgeable as the two large national law firms working on this transaction for the other parties, and provided service at a level at least equal to theirs (though at a more favorable rate). Though no fault of yours, when other parties caused the timing to slip, you handled this expertly and got the process back on track. You also won the respect of the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the party receiving our investment.”

Johnson Goldsmith, Senior Financial Officer, Sydney says, “I knew I was in the right place during our first meeting. You were intelligent, hardworking and concerned. As my case had to be tried in practical, I saw skill and brilliance at work. I feel fortunate that you took my case. I can’t thank you enough for what you have done for me. I am so grateful that I had you helping me with this most difficult time of my life.”

BCA has Ironed Out Everything, May What Came in Path

As Hardships and Struggles are followed by Success. Back to the struggling days of Neelesh’s great grandfather, his introduction into a niche field in the catholic system, which was school of hard knocks for him. As he was a non- catholic, who had to overcome un-identified barriers of competition.

Then, NeeleshBanthia himself followed the painful path, decided to continue with the on-going Head Office at Bhopal (M.P.) where his grandfather practiced, instead of moving his office to metropolitan city; at that time even though it was a common perception in the legal field that there are lesser opportunities in a small city. But with his zeal, commitment and inherited positive attitude he turned the same to be his best decision. As the expenses in Bhopal are minimal and travelling is less time-taking compared to the metropolitan cities. Many professionals joined hands with him from across the world who possess expertise in varied fields and provided best-in-class services to his clients while being based in Bhopal, which renders more motivation.

For his fanaticism to bring change in the legal field, Neelesh encountered various obstacles. As, his motive was to navigate BCA from being a litigation firm to legal consultancy firm. At that time challenging part was that lawyers had inclination towards practicing litigation and not many understood the importance of consultancy and out of the court settlement.

Imbibing the Righteous Actions Led to the BCA’s Success

Equipped with the state-of-the-art & communication facilities, BCA pinpoints ‘expertise in local laws’ as its forte. Ensuring maximum competency along with adding benefit to have an easy access to local resources for in-depth research and investigations. The company pledges to deliver various inputs and valuable insights for the development of economic & commercial condition of the country. Spotting ‘Regularization of Properties’ as their flagship offering, they also deal in international investment & property matters.

For the expansion of company, Neelesh accredits his whole team who has burnt the midnight oil with him so as to scale up the firm not just domestically but also internationally.

Maintaining Fair Practice at Workplace

BCA being a law firm practices fair play by not entitling any designations to the employees. They always strive to bridge the gap between senior and junior advocates. They have been observing that senior lawyers acquired the rich experience, junior lawyers are tech-savvy. BCA tries to bring both things advantage together to serve the clients of different sectors in a best possible way.

At the BCA’s workspace, encouragement is given to new business ideas for the expansion in different verticals. Simultaneously, they take good care of employees by keeping up pressure free environment, so that they could bring out their creativity and encourage to think out of the box.

An Industrious Firm Striving at Long-term Customer Relationship

BCA is hardcore believer of excellence, growth and perfection of the work entrusted to them. Driven by the motto to ensure prompt legal services wherever & whenever needed, they assimilate the dynamic changes deduced by the transformations rather than going with the flow of advocacy. They foster to maintain a long-term, comprehensive relationship with their esteemed clients.

The firm believes in youth so they try to catch hold of fresh and young talent as their commitment and energy is of next level and for that reason most of the advocates in their firm are below the age of 50 years.

Upcoming Developments  

Incorporating the technological advancements and more professionalism into management techniques of organizations can bring more satisfied clients to the law industry. In the same direction, the company has incorporated a small initiative by providing a better and trustworthy environment to client along with a growth oriented and friendly atmosphere to young advocates and budding lawyers of the country.

BCA has under-took the plan of global expansion, apart from that they have already entered into other ventures like Knowledge Process Outsourcing through their registered company in UK in the name of Banthia Legal Services UK Ltd. Their work on the due diligence and compliance in relation to property and investment matters has caught the start.Upcoming developments may include offices in Canada, Australia, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, France and venturing into more legal fields.

Launch of best law schools in India, delivering the best possible education to youth could be a kick-start for adroit lawyers and advocates.

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