Netflix streaming Expect everything really soon

There is no denying the fact that Netflix is the talk of the town when it comes to visual entertainment. Online streaming has not only gained abnormal popularity but also gown Netflix a supremacy in the market. Owing to the growing popularity there are a lot new surprises for the users. Now this surely sounds a lot more interesting than the regular news that you come across.

Naming quite a few series coming to Netflix the first name we come across is Queer Eye. It is returning for Season 3 based in Kansas. The previous two seasons took place in Georgia and this visibly is a pretty big departure. The next up the list is a promising-looking-eight episode French Science fiction series Osmosis. Talking about Osmosis, it revolves around an app that does the task of deciding love for people and then manipulate their memories like data.

If that wasn’t enough, there is another surprise element for the users. Coming over to the weirdest original series that is coming to Netflix and has been the topic of discussion is the animated anthology Love, Death & Robots. To start with, it is presented by Tim Miller. For all those who don’t know he is of the Deadpool fame. Accompanying him is David Fincher ( Seven, Gone Girl, The Social Network). It’s hard to understand and outline what to make of it, but the premier is on March 15. Coming to the trailer, it feels like a psychedelic trip. Now that’s something really surprising and great. Given the buzz generated, it is surely bound to take the audience on a great ride of entertainment.

Not many know but some of the imported shows of Netflix get a week-by-week single-episode release treatment. Romance is a Bonus Book and Patriot Act are getting week-to-week releases. Both the contents did pretty well that sparked the need for Season 2.

Having said that, it would be wrong to say that it’s all about inclusions. There are many titles that would actually be leaving Netflix too. Yeah! Don’t be surprised if they are your favourites. Titles like The Breakfast Club and Pirates of the Caribbean: At world’s end are leaving Netflix. Don’t worry, they are cheap on Amazon or YouTube. Apart from this, many other seasons are now coming to Netflix.

This news surely might not comes as a surprise, keeping in context that Netflix has actually gained popularity among the users and visibly taken over the sales of movies too. What’s interesting to note is the inclusion of ye big news that come in a shocking yet weird way too. All these announcements and the inclusions, make up the reason of March being an exciting month for streaming on Netflix and obviously for the users and the fan base.

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