Trending Career Opportunities in Banking & Finance Sector

Banking is a conservative, tradition-bound field; now it is getting advanced day by day with multiple innovations and advancements. While a few years back, a career in banking usually implied three labels: Accounting, Finance, Taxation Finance or Banking and Finance, now it is getting broader with time. Today, the industry offers a wealth of opportunities for experienced professionals, college graduates as well as entry-level workers. Making a career in banking is a perfect way to grow financially, professionally along with socially. It is not only a secured career option but provides outstanding learning opportunities.

Here is the list of trending career opportunities in banking sector:

Financial Accountant

One of the best career opportunities in the banking sector, financial accountant manage a company’s financial accounts to ensure that they are properly managed and distributed. It basically incorporates analyzing all the different aspects of a business, evaluates vital financial perspectives and metrics, and then review and reports the results to the higher-ups, such as shareholders and executives.

Financial Analyst

If you are interested in managing people and businesses in making investments, try your career as a financial analyst. Whether it is through the stock market, bonds or other investments, financial analysts are experts. Financial analysts engaged with different companies as well as individuals, write reports and work with people and financial institutions.

Loan Officers

Banks generate money by issuing loans; here, loan officers have a key role to play in the success of a bank. Junior loan officers can write automobile loans and originate applications for unsecured products like credit cards. If you wish to start your career in this field, you can be started after passing a background check and register with the National Mortgage Licensing System.


Auditing is a great career option here one needs to visit banking centres regularly. Auditors are tasked with detecting fraud, clerical errors and cutting the operating losses of banks. Banks employee low-level auditors who have no accounting experience but have previously worked as tellers. These individuals mainly focus on monitoring branch operations. High-level auditors are certified public accountants who audit the whole division of banking. As an auditor, you get the authority to shut down insolvent banks.

Business Analyst

The main role of the business analyst is to analyses industry and intends its methods and operations, evaluating the business model and its combination with the technology. Here, the role can also be defined as a link between business problems and technology solutions.


Tellers are bank employees; their work is to accept deposits, cash checks and handle different uncomplicated customer service issues. There is a great scope in this field; you can start as a teller and later transition from a teller job into a head teller. On head position, you play a role also in risk management by ensuring that holds are placed on large-dollar transactions or suspicious checks.

These are the leading scopes in the finance and banking sectors where you can plan your career.