Pentoz Technology: An Exemplary of Best-in-class Digital Services

Pentoz Technology comes under small and mid-sized leading business firm. It offers consulting as well as considered digital service provider. Their services pertain to designing and building powerful digital technology (Information Technology) to small and mid-sized businesses. Company’s focus remains to elevate or amplify their user base. They provide various solution to their clients across varied verticals which is inclusive of discovering and analyzing client’s digital needs and align it with their own strategies. Pentoz caters across various domains such as IoT Solutions, Consulting, Technology, Strategy as well as Digital Services as they believe one size doesn’t fit all.

Their clients range from small to mid-sized businesses in India. The offices has been set up in metropolitan cities. They have spread their wings across varied verticals such as manufacturing, advertising, solar energy, retail, apparel, legal, medical, construction, entertainment and many others. Reaching to diversified client base adds the rich experience to the company and makes them somewhat more efficient.

They have dedicated services at Blockchain Technology, Mobile Apps, Web and eCommerce, AR & VR, Machine Learning, Automation, IoT and Smart Home Tech, Humanized Big Data, Everything On-Demand, Testing & QA, Real Time Solutions and Chatbots.

Man behind the Success of Pentoz Technology

Premayogan Mahesh who is CEO at Pentoz has made the company stand out from the crowd by blending innovative ideas into already existing strategies to serve clients who are ardent technophiles for Pentoz and bolster them by lifting up funds and make the company’s business run effortlessly. He tries to cover all the bases of the project exactly the way parents look after their children needs. He ensures that he has puts 100% of his efforts on every business idea so that it could be launched in the market successfully.

Premayogan has gone an extra mile for Pentoz, he has put in his best for building up networks with clients and made every industrious efforts towards the firm. He has come up with every well-thought-out strategies to bring in more clients and for that he has also expanded the size of his team. Last year he has taken a brilliant move in acquiring Wearable Agency team. He has set up offices at Ooty, Coimbatore, Texas, and London. Today, Pentoz Technology has strong presence in different verticals like Blockchain, AI, Analytics, Robotics, and Nano-technologies.

Achievements so far

In March 2018, Pentoz was mentioned in 25 Best Technology Companies in India by a leading magazine.

In April 2018, Pentoz was mentioned in 25 Fastest Growing Website Development Startups in India by a leading magazine.

In April 2018, Pentoz was mentioned in The 10 Great IT Outsourcing Partners India by a leading magazine.

In June In 2018, Pentoz was mentioned in 25 Emerging IT Enterprises in India by a leading magazine.

A Focused Team at Disruptive Technologies

Pentoz technology has planned to build a team whose whole and sole focus is on the latest technologies and the kind of individuals involved are self-motivated, energetic and passionate towards their work and collaborate well with each other. Their Innovation Lab has industry experts with 15+ years of experience in space hardware & software development. With help of AI and Robotics, Pentoz is able to make their footprints all over the market. And lot other companies are able to take a step ahead in the same direction with these transformative technologies.

Key Points that keeps Pentoz at Gates of Success

Every organization burns the midnight oil to reach the heights and for that they follow some strategies which make them unique and successful. Let’s shed some light on Pentoz strategies:

  • Pentoz believes in building strong innovation lab to crack new business ideas.
  • They understand the importance of hiring the right talent for long term growth.
  • They are persistently expanding their business network and getting their footprints across the globe.
  • They are willing to get their hands dirty in experimenting new technologies which can change the future.
  • Increasing their sales every quarter is their cornerstone of success.

Making an Environment for Employees to Work Happily

All employees at Pentoz are intrapreneurs who are already self-motivated. But still the company makes it sure the following things are taken more heed into:

  • Pentoz has made a fun-loving environment for the employees and they have hired team who monitors personally on the happy work culture.
  • Pentoz considers all employees as family members and make sure that they know what organization expects from them and set clear goal for their future growth.
  • Pentoz always take in employees who are self-motivated and always keep their inventiveness on at workplace.
  • Another initiative taken by Pentoz to keep their team members spirit high is to reward them, on the basis of their skills, hard-work, consistency and contribution towards the organization.

Future Plans

Pentoz seems to have promising future in the digital arena for next twenty more years. They believe their brand as the next big Technology/Innovation Agency across the globe. And for that they have hired the right set of talents who have the potential to gear up with the disruptive technologies like AI, Analytics, Blockchain, Robotics, and Nano technologies. By 2020, they plan to expand their team size to 1000+ whose single target would be focus on the future technologies.


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