JM Nutrition: Holistic Approach Towards Healthy Life

JM Nutrition was founded in 2013 and was a result of Juhi Mimani, founder of JM Nutrition’s childhood passion with fitness and health. Since then, as a business, they have grown from strength to strength. They started with just one collaboration with a gym and at present they have collaborations with multiple healthcare clinics, doctors and hospitals. The journey has been spectacular.

Exemplary Services that Believes in Strengthening the Core

JM Nutrition is a provider of customised health and diet services. Juhi truly believe in healing an individual from the core. For her, fitness and health on a long term is ultimate goal and not short term weight loss. Something which cannot be accommodated in his/her lifestyle should not be started. Health is about being consistent. Each individual is different, having different ailments and lifestyle, so their diet plans are customized accordingly.

Backbone of the JM Nutrition

Juhi Mimani is the founder and Chief Nutritionist of JM Nutrition. She is the heart and soul of the brand. It is her personal approach and expertise in providing every client a customised nutrition plan that has made JM Nutrition such a success in the nutrition industry. Juhi is actively involved in further understanding of cutting edge nutritional research as well as using their daily foods to enhance one’s health. 

Juhi’s Opinion on Current Scenario, Major Challenges, and Opportunities of the Indian Healthcare Sector

The major challenge which JM Nutrition is facing currently is the loss of trust in the healthcare industry. There is so much information available on the web which confuses the population. As a nutritionist Juhi says, “I believe in optimum nutrition which requires a step further. Each one of us needs professional help to reach their optimum health, whether its weight management or disease management.” She further added, “The evolution of the sector calls for involvement from all stakeholders and the use of innovation to bridge intent and execution. India has the opportunity to leapfrog a lot of the healthcare problems that developed nations are grappling with.”

Major Challenges JM Nutrition Faced

Juhi describing the challenges faced by the company is, “My patients coming and asking for these so called “fad diets” without understanding the details of the same. A nutrition plan is a complex and customised plan, it cannot be applied randomly to any patient. We have to make our patients understand that these plans have to be made as per each one’s personal physical and mental state which should lead to long term health and fitness.”

Major Contributing Factors behind Company’s Success

“Balance” is Juhi’s go to mantra. Her plans are designed keeping the balance in mind. She emphasizes largely on nutrition than just cutting down calories. To keep the weight off or live a healthy life, psychology and physiology, both play a very important role. Every individual should find a balance between them.

Injecting Creativity and Innovation to Workspace

As a founder of JM Nutrition, Juhi strongly encourage brainstorming and responding enthusiastically to all ideas. She’s hard core believer of the fact that is, if people aren’t feeling connected to your company, there’s little incentive for them to be innovative.

Building Long-term Customer Relationship by Giving Preference to Each Individual Separately

Each customer/client is different. JM Nutrition focus on understanding the root cause of the problem and heal them accordingly. Their health packages are designed as per quarterly, half-yearly and yearly in order to give them the result they want.

Bright Forthcoming Years of JM Nutrition

Keeping in mind that Nutrition and health is an important part of life, Juhi stated, “Nutrition and health are very closely related. To achieve its true health potential, your body needs the right food and regular maintenance. With JM Nutrition, I want to democratize the process and make it easier for people to figure this out. If I can help more and more people chart an effective course to their optimal nutrition, i will consider JM Nutrition a success.”

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