BrandonWheelz: Pioneers in Car Advertising Services

BrandonWheelz incredible journey commenced with seeking solution to two major situations- Striving techniques to capitalize the huge fleet of Taxi’s in the city and bringing in a transformation in an unorganized sector and drifting it into more organized sector coupled with lucrative job opportunities. This triggered them off to the launch a Car Advertising (Transit Media Advertising) agency which was anticipated to be a solution for all their issues and queries.

George S. Patton once said, “Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.” Similarly, the biggest challenge encountered by them was to bring awareness in the market about the benefits of Car Advertising, as this type of advertising is ten times powerful compared to any other OOH advertising platform.

With all their industrious endeavors, BrandonWheelz managed to become the pioneers in this vertical to efficaciously convinced more than 100 Top brands to try out this platform in India. This out-turned to create job opportunities for 100 plus individuals, created additional Income for over 5000 drivers & used technology with a well-defined process to transform an unorganized & ignorant sector to a booming sector that we see today. Today BWZ has become INDIA’S MOST TRUSTED CAB BRANDING COMPANY.

Impeccable Products and Services Offered by BrandonWheelz

BrandonWheelz bull’s eye is solely– Car Advertising. This led the company to have remarkable innovations in the stream of Technology and Process, particularly to cater exemplary customer services to their clients. Being the most trusted and adorable car branding company in India, BWZ use eco-friendly materials for production along with incorporating a transparent process.

A Leader who Brought Major Change to Car Advertising Industry

Apart from being an impressive CEO of BWZ, Mr. Mohammed Asghar instinct to help country folks by providing jobs opportunities and bringing in a transformation in the sectors (from unorganized to organized) was the key driving factor to the birth of BrandonWheelz. His expertise on technology and building successful businesses in the past, helped the company to shape up and lead the market share in India.

Back in 2016, Transit Media Advertising was a Blue Ocean market. But, at present, the market has a drastic shift to Red Ocean – to an extent that the company motivated even India’s largest taxi service to directly venture into Car Advertising. They are proud of this phenomenal impact that BWZ was able to create in the market.

Achievements and Recognitions from Clients

Company’s customers appreciate BWZ and the impact that their brand has created in the market using their platform has not only made them receive shower of positive feedback from all their customers (many of the testimonials mentioned in the website), 42% of their revenue is generated from repetitive customers – which indicates the power of this platform.

Current Scenario of Industry

According to BrandonWheelz, the current scenario is there is notable shift of market from a blue ocean to red ocean in major cities like Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai & Delhi/NCR. However, the major challenge posed in front of market is lack of clarity on Government/RTO approvals as it changes from city to city.

Major Contributing Factors Behind Company’s Success

The major cause of company’s success is consistency. As it’s known that the difficulty faced while working in a new/blue ocean market, results can’t be immediate, a lot of ground work needs to be done and the difference the BWZ team brought in – was the Consistency with which the company executed their job that was backed up with a Goal and Plan.

Factors that Contributed to Build Long-term Customer Relationship

Media is all about visibility and brand recall, consulting the customer and offering them the right strategies is the key to success. Do not impose or force the customers to buy your media, if it is not a fit or fruitful to a particular product. Setting Goals is important to turn invisible into the visible. They say “Your expertise has tremendous value. You are offering your expertise, not asking to be hired.”

Bright Upcoming Future

BrandonWheelz plans to expand their business and scale into other cities in India and also kick start their maiden international journey in 2019. The future of car branding is turning it into a powerful digital tool.

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