The 10 Most Trusted Law Firms to Watch in 2019

The 10 Most Trusted Law Firms to Watch in 2019




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Sushanth IT law Associates

Sushanth IT law Associates: Top-of-the-League Cyber Law Consulting Firm

Sushanth IT Law Associates maintains a strong professional culture in its internal operations outside of delivering quality Cyber Legal Solutions to its Clients that sets a lot of cultural tone. Sushanth IT Law Associates believesin uniting the information received from its Clients with its Cyber Legal Expertise is itself in a way that demonstrative of its core values. […]

D M Legal Ventures is one of the leading full service law firms in Mumbai, dealing with litigation and non-litigation matters in various Courts and Tribunals of  Maharashtra, Delhi, Kerala and Tamil Nadu.

D M Legal Ventures: A Multidisciplinary law firm providing services in major areas of law to its clients

The legal industry has faced a significant change in recent years, which has impacted the delivery of legal services and market practice all against a backdrop of unprecedented political uncertainty. Lawyers no longer have a monopoly on the law. The legal market place is changing, and patrons can seek legal assistance from a growing number […]

Best Employment Opportunities in the Insurance Sector of India

Best Employment Opportunities in the Insurance Sector of India

Present-day, the insurance sector in India is booming. With the emergence of private players and multinational companies, career opportunities in the market have grown rapidly. Insurance is a trillion-dollar business; it employs a humongous number of candidates. This is a stable yet dynamic field, which provides a wealth of advancement and works. As the population […]

Insurance Industry in India

Insurance Industry in India: Stepping into the next decade of growth from its historical journey

The insurance industry has seen tremendous growth in India in the last few years with the evolution of advanced products and services. It has led to tough competition with a positive and healthy outcome. Insurance sector in India plays a dynamic role in the empowerment of the economy. And, like for any country and its economic progress, […]

Technology-based progress is becoming the increasingly prevalent player and driving change-both in terms of how insurers operate

Top 10 Technology Trends that are Redefining the Insurance Sector

Today, insurers are serving customers through new digital-native innovations. These dramatic changes are reshaping the insurance sectors, and companies are not just watching it happen. They are taking action and investing that will support them to be more customer-centric, enhance their pricing and create operational efficiencies.In this article, let’s look at a few instances of […]

The Life Insurance Corporation launched a new assurance called Navjeevan. This Navjeevan is a non-linked “with profit” endowment assurance insurance plan.

Latest Updates in the Insurance Sector

Bharti Airtel Payments Bank Partners with Bharti AXA Life Airtel Payments Bank has partnered with Bharti AXA Life Insurance to provide the Bharti AXA Life POS Saral Jeevan Bima Yojana through its extensive chain of banking points in India. This insurance plan is a pure life term plan aimed at the under-insured and uninsured segments […]