Padrea Global Services Ltd: Endows a one roof solution for organizations looking for Management Consultancy and Innovative Technology.

Management consulting is a $250 billion industry with gigantic growth and profit . Business people and organizations around the world now depend on the wise counsel of expert consultants for their survival and growth. Whether the focus is Strategy, Operations, Tax, Finance, HR, or IT, business consultants are a staple of corporate life. True, the biblical kings had prophets and the Greeks had their oracles; Mauryan Emperor Chandragupta had Chanakya, and Akbar had Birbal and even the mafia had their consigliere for consulting during the ancient days. Today, over 700,000 consulting companies provide services across virtually all aspects of business globally. From defining strategic direction to simply serving as an additional pair of hands for outsourced work, consultants have become inextricably linked to the success of most large organizations. Kolkata based Padrea Global Services Ltd is one such company, who stands as one of the best management consultants and innovative technology company in India.

“Starting off with a venture like business is a hard nut to crack. Several things have to ensure to stay in their places suitably. But it’s the indomitable spirit of an achiever, which keeps the lamp of your dreams burning till your goal has been achieved. Padrea Global Services Ltd rises from such aspirations and  resolute to be at the highest podium where it sees nothing else than success, says Baibhav Agarwal, Director, Padrea Global Services Ltd.

Incepted in the year 2007, Padrea initially started off as a Consultancy and Research & Development  company. It offers various services aiming at assisting almost all segments of business, namely Financial Services, Advisory Services, Strategy, Organization Modelling, Dynamic Marketing, Technology, Legal, Audit and Research & Development. The company caters to various verticals including Healthcare, Fintech, Real Estate, Mining and Metal, E-commerce, Retail, and many more.

In its early stages, Padrea along with its consultancy business started Digital Marketing, Software Development, ERP Solutions, etc., emerging as market leaders of the Industry. In the year 2011 – 2012 Padrea started its operation overseas, as the company spread its wings to the Middle East and Europe. Padrea emerged to become an innovative Technology and Consultancy company.

It is the thirst of keeping up with trends and technology, that has helped Padrea grow over the years and still remain leaders in the Industry. The company saw the potential and growth of emerging new technologies, like AR and VR, and finally in the year 2017, started a separate division completely dedicated to AR and VR, under Padrea Tech.

Baibhav Agarwal along wih his partner, Mr. Mayank Kamani, together formed “Padrea Tech”. It is a subsidiary of Padrea Global Services Ltd. Padrea Tech is a technology company offering bespoke solutions in the AR and VR Technology, and is gradually emerging as a complete AR and VR company. Padrea Tech shares its vision with Digital India and helps incorporates technology in business and help them utilize their true potential. It’s mission is to make superior technology accessible to all organizations in the best way possible in accordance with their requirements. Padrea Tech is currently focusing on using AR/VR technology to take businesses to the next level.

“Whether you are looking to start your business or grow it to the next level, Padrea as an innovative technology and consultancy company looks after all your growth needs, at all stages. We work with top executives and help you carve your way through glory by providing all business solutions under one roof. Padrea’s experienced panel of experts strives to inculcate change and value in the businesses we serve ensuring thatyou become bigger and better every day,” added Baibhav. Padrea offers clients the expert assistance in specific areas depending on the nature of business. It provide service in almost all areas of business, irrespective of their sector. This is one of the major reasons why clients are benefitted immensely from their services.

The management consultant counts its specialized team as one of the core USP, because they are the ones who transform coffee into value. Further Padrea’s decade long experience in various sectors also adds value to it.

The name ‘Padrea’ is a combination of two words ‘Passion’ and ‘Dream’ values upon which the organization is running since its inception, as per the envision of Baibhav Agarwal. Evaluating himself, as experienced personnel who envisioned a dream of being a successfulentrepreneur, he believes that there can be only a single mantra for living your dreams and that is, constant dedication and honesty. The never giving-up-spirit that ignites within him, drives Baibhav for doing better each day.With an experience of more than 10 years as the Director of the company, his core belief lies in the fact that, it is simply hard work that makes you follow your passion till it is achieved. Holding professional qualification as a Chartered Accountant and deploying strong entrepreneurship learned skills, his journey so far has been extremely productive with various designated roles and being the potential key decision maker in well-recognized and reputed companies. His constructive skills in Management Consultancy, Technology, Skilled Negotiation,Business Planning, Market Research, Management, HR planning, and Sustainability has not only helped Padrea to grow, but also heightened his capabilities to emerge as a successful entrepreneur. The major factor that contributed towards the growth of the company is the deployment of the mastery skills. “We look high for reaching the sky limits. Our constant stare and focus on innovation, enables us to deliver more optimal solutions for our clients.

The encouraging expansion to overseas countries doesn’t stop here and with each successful projects catered to foreign client round the globe, we work harder on pinning our visibility to multiple countries. The dexterous standards we formulate at Padrea Global Services Ltd, mark a significant contribution not only in the domestic market, but also in the international market as well. No matter how many projects we are handling at a time, the resolute assurance of no compromise, from our end, makes us stand out as a significant one in the global market scenario today,” pinpoints Baibhav.

Starting as a small management consultancy and technology company in with a handful of people constituting as a team, Padrea has crossed multitude milestones since the day of its inception. The companyhas also been featured in various notable magazines. “Speaking of today, we stand tall as amultidisciplinary organization, facilitating manifold services and overcoming criticalchallenges all at the same time.”

Padrea with a positive outlook aspires to widen it’s wings geographically. The company also aspires to double its revenue and clients in the years to come. “Our vision to become a customer-centric company seems attainable with the current encouraging statistical figures of growth and profit. With the addition of more innovative and distinctive services, we aim to become a more multifaceted organization in the coming future,” concludes Baibhav.

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