Entrepreneurship – A Passion more Than Business: Vivek Sood

Being an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship means being able to take action and having the courage to commit and persevere through all of the challenges and failures. Being an entrepreneur is neither a full-time job nor a part-time job. It’s a lifestyle.

People, keep asking questions and pondering, is having a good idea and a good investment is all you require to be an entrepreneur. To all those budding business enthusiasts, I would like to apprise them by saying, to be an entrepreneur you need to take risks, make your work your passion and create opportunities for yourself surpassing those hurdles.

Just because you dreamt of building that billion-dollar Company doesn’t mean that, when you turn your ideas into products and inject some money into marketing them, you’ll become the next success story in your niche.

The world of entrepreneurship is filled with uncertainties. There will be hardships on the way, but stumbling from one failure to another would eventually lead you to success. For a good entrepreneur, you need to be a doer and a dreamer.

What makes a remarkable entrepreneur is the fact that they would willingly go to a tremendous extent in order to transform their vision into a business. The truth is entrepreneurship is like a constant struggle that every visionary out there has the tenacity to battle.

It is using the past experiences and intelligence to make smart decisions and this process forms the core of any true entrepreneur.

To embark on that journey of being a successful entrepreneur, you need to keep a few points in mind that might help you to ignite that inner passion you have and work towards realizing it.

Are you willing to give it all?

Thinking that being an entrepreneur is just working for a few years and then cozying up is not going to make you a great one if you want to set a mark and create that dent on the universe.

The only way to master the craft, to survive, and to last long as an entrepreneur is to constantly learn and unlearn making your dream a reality. That’s what you must do if you’re serious about becoming a successful entrepreneur.

I have been in the media industry for so long, but still, it’s a constant work in progress towards making that name, reputation and realizing those dreams. If life throws a lemon at you, you make lemonade out of it and sell it in a hot scorching heat at high prices. That’s how a mind of an entrepreneur should work, overcoming hurdles and making the best out of the situation. There’s no guarantee that your target market will patronise your products. There’s no assurance whether you’ll make a profit in the first year (or the second, or ever). There’s no guarantee that whether you’ll be able to become the next success story in your industry.

But that shouldn’t deter you from your plan. Realizing that mistakes are inevitable and failure is always a possibility. Yet using that to power the passion, to keep building and refining the ideas until they succeed is the only shortcut to accomplish that dream.

So execute your dreams and ideas, because, as author Robin Sharma puts it, “Ideation without execution is a delusion.” Your ideas might not sell. You just have to take the risk. So build, launch and work tirelessly to succeed at your new time-consuming career.

Thrive for Innovation

Innovation being a heterogeneous construct encompasses of at least two processes. Generating new useful ideas to establish and maintain that unique factor is the very first process of that construct.

Next comes, the process to achieve that innovative outcome and execute those ideas. Being an entrepreneur is not a one-man showmanship. You need to build up a team that surrounds yourself with people that share your passion and agrees with your goals. Unless and until the whole team is on the same page, building a strong force would be an impossible task.

One surely needs a proficient work behaviour from the employees and for that, you need to give them the full freedom to put on their thinking caps, embrace that connect and innovate. One should make a mental note of this point that creativity although is very much related to innovation, is only a starting point.


You need to have devotion towards your vision, and as a matter of fact, a very few people are able to stay true to that passion as it takes a lot of risks.

I believe the entrepreneurs who make it big and achieve their dreams are people that are driven by some cause that compels them to find the courage and take certain risks and work damn hard at it. Sometimes that choice is lonely, which is another reason it takes a huge amount of courage.

You need to believe in your vision and have to have the courage to do the right thing. One should remember that fearing the failure is the wrong track. You should fear to be in the same position and situation as you are today.

In the end just remember, the world around us is changing at a warp speed and one needs to be able to move with it. Understand your market, the trends and then devise your ideas by executing them with a well-formulated strategy.

Keep plugging along, putting in the hours, and before long, you’ll be a successful entrepreneur. Just imagine looking back at all the hard work and knowing it paid off. Keep that image in your head to motivate you forward through the long, slogging hours.

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