East Corp: Quintessential Fire Safety Services with Fire, Security and Safety

During the initial twenty years of Hemant’s career, he gained experience in the same domain with different companies. He was always passionate of doing things differently and take responsibility in whatever he pursued. However, during last six years as CEO of the company, as a serial entrepreneur he felt the responsibility not evolves about himself but also building team and brand around him in the market. Each day as an opportunity to learn and achieve something that encourages and excites Hemant and its team. Hemant is on mission to take his group to the next level from day one and never felt discouraged of being an entrepreneur in a price sensitive economy.

Out-of-the-Box Services and Solutions

East Corp is a growing company with resources of fourteen people and serving clients not only PAN India but also SAARC countries. Currently, the company is operated from Mumbai. The brand expanded as a group providing consulting services in Fire, Security and Safety. The Group is engaged with end-users, architects, developers, industries and contractors in terms of Consulting, Audits and Awareness trainings. All three pillars; Fire, Security and Safety are vital and interdependent for many customers. It becomes convenient for these facility owners to deal with the company as one point of contact. Moreover, they don’t sell any products or systems and hence their unbiased, technical approach sets them apart from the competition, making them truly independent third party trusted and professional consultants.

Conversion of Hemant’s Rich Experience into Fruitful Fire Safety Startup

Hemant Khadse is CEO of the Group company. He started his career in year 1994 with Mather and Platt Ltd Mumbai, then a leading British company in Fire system solutions. Since then, he continued working in same industry but played different roles in various organizations in India and Middle East. During the first twenty years of employment, he gained in-depth understanding of this industry – demand and supply. He came up with business plan and it was not only to begin start a commercial entity but a platform where he can exchange his experience and elevate the fire safety standards in the form of consulting and training services. This is how Hemant’s independent consultant journey started in 2013.

Awards and Achievement

Last year, East Corp was awarded as Top 20 Safety consulting company by Silicon India Bangalore. Hemant was also privileged to receive honor as Top 30 dynamic CEO in India from Startup City Magazine. Apart from media mentions, Hemant values each customer feedback which drives the company to do better every day.

Growing Mindset of People for Safety and Security

Growing concerns of safety and rising security thefts issues in India, making facility owners to opt for experienced professionals to guide them in the process of making them non-compliant to compliant and unsafe to safe-secure place. There is notable change in the perception of users when they engage professional consultants as at present they consider it as a long-term investment rather an immediate expense.

Making Aware People About Significance of Fire Safety

India being price sensitive marketplace, safety security is given least or last importance. Business wakes only when something directly affects them. Users are still unaware of the best practices and statutory compliances that may prevent their losses or danger rather paying for the risk. East Corp conducts various free training awareness programs on fire safety but some people still consider it’s not meant for them. This mindset needs to change.

Long-term Customer Relations has High Contribution in Company’s Success

Hemant truly believes “people buy from People”. Winning trust is the key in any business and he always has this objective in mind while dealing with people. The company is in the domain of protecting someone’s life, property and environment and hence utmost care is taken while delivering our services. Company’s biggest asset so far is their customer relationship and trust that they build in the industry.

Motivation, Creativity and Innovation

Hemant’s passion is to interact with people and solve their issues with required abilities/knowledge in the best possible manner. Company’s professional team is trained to deliver the solutions responsibly. Although the work is may be repetitive, however each customer offerings is different and specific. This cultivates innovation and creativity within the team.

Work on Long-term Relationships instead of Shortcuts

Hemant’s wise words for maintaining long-term relationships include, “Never follow short cuts for immediate gain and treat our customers as long term business partner.

Transparent and professional approach always build strong bond with your customer and once we take care of his problems, he takes care of you well.”

Multiplied Growth in Future

Currently, East Corp has created a group of companies focusing Fire, Security and Safety verticals independently and offerings; Audit, Consulting and Trainings solutions to the market. The company has its footprints in India and SAARC. In terms of consulting solutions, the company wishes to be the preferred choice of customer and achieve 10X growth by 2022.

Useful Insight

East Corp is doubling their business every year without compromising quality service. Interested corporate industry should come forward and associate their training awareness programmes under CSR program for mutual benefit.

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