Crefin India: Improving companies, improving lives

India is world’s third largest startup eco-system and overall startup base is expected to cross 7,500. There is also a surge in funding which is above $5 billion in the year 2018. The start-up ecosystem in the country is only going to expand in coming times and it is already seeing growth of 12-15 percent from last year and funding is likely to multiply. However, the greatest challenge is the astounding failure ratio of startups. We need to remember the fact that each startup sustained and transformed into profitable venture is a great opportunity for our country as well to promote social good precisely through saving of and creation of new jobs for the people, other than contributing towards sustainable economic growth of the nation. This is where the management consultants step in, helping startups to solve all their problems ranging from checking their viability and business health to building their business models and to aid them to improve their overall performance and profitability.

Established in 2017, Crefin India Management is a management consultancy firm that is built over decades of experience of learning, training in corporate world, as an investment banker and as a manager. Its clientele varies from e-commerce starts-ups to companies dealing with Exim solutions and agricultural supplies. It is helping these businesses to improve their performance and grow by providing customised management solutions as per the estimated needs.

Seamless execution of ideas

As a management consultant, it offers various services like business management, project management, start-up management, financial management and business health check and detailed project report to elevate the various sectors of business. Crefin is known for its trademark and copyright solution ‘MPO – Management Process Outsourcing’ which is especially focused towards boosting the start-ups. It is a unique process through which clients outsource their management to Crefin India and through MPO it enters a contract with CUC (Company under Consultancy) to bring in seamless execution of idea in order to make company profitable and sustain in the start-up ecosystem. In the course of MPO, it also provides a dedicated management team to start-ups to carry out their everyday business operations efficiently. Crefin India aims to reduce the staggering failure rate of starts-ups in India which is above 90 percent presently and thus contributes towards the economic growth of the nation.

Crefin India has also announced plans to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) with management process to devise new management systems for the startups. At the same time, they are aware of the fact that one person is different from the other person and it is not possible to follow same motivation strategy for two different individuals.

From a darkhorse to a rising star

Like any proper aspirational startup story of India, Crefin gained its current stature not through Godfathers or family fortunes for guidance or support but through passion, professionalism, hardwork and zeal to turn the tide. The whole team at Crefin India is currently working on bypassing all the constraints by devising new strategies and techniques of disruption. While looking at all the major challenges that new businesses typically face. Crefin firmly believes that every sector needs a reverse way of working along with new innovations. Primarily, the workforce needs to be more skilled, and thus, major training and motivation is required for the new entrants in workforce of the country as they have energy and passion but lack direction and motivation.

Crefin on its part does not believe in chasing success in mechanical terms but strives to achieve excellence by ensuring perfect blend of consistent hard and smart work. Crefin has set high standards of professionalism and business ethics, and the team management reveals that the core values of its organisation are efficiency, creativity, innovation, consistency, commitment and perseverance. They have gained the respect that they enjoy today in the industry because of their belief that the most important measure of any company’s success is client satisfaction and it is the high degree of client satisfaction and trust it has earned over the time, which has enabled Crefin to cross new puddle of success, though they have set their eyes on oceans.

Stronger the foundation, mightier the construction

Crefin India attributes entrepreneurial spirit highly for foundation and sustenance of any enterprise. The company believes in the line – An entrepreneur is someone who are possessed by dream and will to create own commercial kingdom. For them an entrepreneur is someone who has impeccable risk-taking abilities and has ventured into untested waters for setting up an enterprise from scratch, moving beyond the comfort of salaried job.

With a vision to create a world full of best professionals, the co-founders of Crefin India, Shipra Singh, currently the CEO and Jeevendra Poddar, currently the managing director, have worked to improve the performance of people as well as companies in the best possible ways they can by devising business tools and working closely with the companies to improve their performance and increase their profitability and contribute a better value to the society.

This is among the many reasons why they were honoured with many awards and recognitions across the globe including the ‘Brand Leadership Award’ at Goa State Best Brand awards 2018. Jeevendra has also been invited as a special speaker at ‘Debt Syndication Asia Summit 2018’, held at Singapore.

Building lives, spreading happiness

The leadership at Crefin India firmly believes that a leader is successful if his/her team is happy and content and obviously happy and content people are more productive and deliver better results. Shipra and Jeevendra jointly believe that success is not a destination, but it’s an on-going journey which never ends and in this journey the people you meet are the most important resources you can have. If you can make enough people happy and comfortable you will be surely happy and comfortable as a result of it.

They consider this as more of a service to the citizen of the country and they strongly believe that if people are treated well and their intellectual as well as emotional capabilities are well balanced, they can do wonders in their personal as well as professional space. Clearly stressing on the importance of relationship management, Crefin India works closely with people around them and understands them holistically.

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