Conflicts and Success!!!

A combination of words that meet each other. In truth, both of these words make each other full.
What is the conflict? In my eyes, its definition is that it is a struggle to continue to face every situation whether it is our adverse or favorable. And what is success? Getting an object or place in my eyes can not be a success. Success is only meaningful when you do any work and you get satisfaction.

Sometimes it also happens that success does not seem to be successful even after the struggle. It does not mean that we did not justify the struggle. But the reason for this is that we are not able to concentrate on our goal. The meaning of saying is that something else moves in our heart and the brain tells us to do something else. That is, you keep working hard to achieve any goal, then suddenly you get to you and say to you that you do this thing very well, you should do this. You should do this.

In such a situation, the battle between the heart and the mind runs, and we go astray. The definition of success which I have initially given in my own words, perhaps it is exactly right on the Indian women’s cricket team captain Mitali Raj. She says that I dream, I work hard, I will work hard till I get satisfied. And this statement should also apply to all of us. The way gold gets torn down in the fire and in the hands of goldsmiths gets a beautiful shape. This process applies equally to living people.

Work hard, keep your focus towards your goal, then see success will move your steps. Along with this article, I will also request the youth to come under pressure and not choose their career. Whatever the attachment or interest to the subjects in their hearts, they should take their step on that path. It is sure that the struggle will be successful only on this path

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