This is an age in which the cars of the future, once visible only in our imaginations, are now becoming a reality. This is not only hardware in the form of cars, which is changing. The conventions of daily lives and society are being shifted from traditional flow to the modern flow. Sony has taken the helm and is on the way to transform mobility what we know. In the recent CES technology conference, Sony unveiled a prototype smart car named the Vision-S and showcases its autonomous driving and in-car entertainment systems.  This is a high-tech vehicle having loaded with sensors that allows it to see the car’s surroundings, a massive infotainment system, and the ability to detect the alertness level- among other futuristic and amazing features.

Because of its outstanding innovation, Sony has won CES’s publicity content this year: The Japanese tech giant surprised everyone by debuting this amazing electric car.

The four-door sedan was unveiled at the tech show by Sony boss Kenichiro Yoshida, who said it “embodies our contribution to the future of mobility.” It features a raft of technology, which perfectly presents ‘the contribution Sony intends to make to realise an advanced autonomous driving society.”

Is the vehicle available for people?

This time, people won’t be able to buy the Sony car. Not any time soon, at least. This time, the company has no plans to mass-produce the Vision-S. The car it surprise-announced at the end of its press conference at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, not dies it plans to do a limited run.

Actually, this newly launched Sony Vision-S exists somewhere between the concept and prototype. Just like a concept, it is meant to present the idea Sony holds for the car’s world. But like a prototype, the car works.

There’s actually a long list of these concepts on display in the Vision-S. One of the major factors is the industry experience and user interface. It begins with few rectangular displays on the dashboard, which stretch from one pillar to another pillar.

It is a fact that Sony is far from being the first company to experiment with introducing such technologies into the car. But after this announcement, it underscores the ways in which tech companies are pushing their way into the automotive sector as they are hoping to cash in on what could be the next major wave of computer in the near future.

Automotive technology has been the main theme at CES, but almost all major announcements, concept vehicles, and flashy demos come from the giant companies such as Honda, Toyota, and Ford- not from a company like Sony, which is widely-known for its deep roots into his entertainment industry.

Still, Sony’s Vision-S connected the two worlds. This is a prototype having advanced features geared toward the comfort, safety, entertainment that the company hopes to experiment on roads later in 2020.

Overall, which it was totally unexpected from Sony to launch a car; it did not come out of nowhere.