Tardid Technologies: Expands Analytics Offerings with Power of AI

The motive behind forming the company, was to find and deliver the actual benefits of analytics to the end customer as well as comprehend the challenges of the real world, to offer a solution which made a significant difference.

The name given to the company “Tardid”, is an acronym for “Time And Relative Dimension In Data”, which in knowing sparks large amounts of interests and opens vast fields for research and discoveries. Knowing which technology to develop beforehand was the stepping stone for the company.

The idea to start off a company hit in 2014. But a formal incorporation of Tardid commenced in May 2016, which bootstrapped till Nov 17, post which they were looking for first angel funding. Hitherto, the company has successfully accomplished all the POCs and gradually shifted to projects. The company has thrived with its industrious and innovative team members who were burning the midnight oil to make Tardid, a Technology Product company of India.

Pushing the boundaries of AI

As a famous person quoted, “We can’t solve a problem with the same type of thinking used while creating them”. In earlier days, industrial maintenance was confined to repairing and companies used to watch and analyse data until a problem showed up – this wasn’t cheap, as it resulted in Unplanned downtime and catastrophic events.

But, Tardid took an initiative and started exploring the under explored areas of structural and machine science. The company is using the power of Artificial Intelligence to prescribe and predict Structural & Machine Failures. It has developed a digital twin which combines quantum deep neural network and cognitive computing, to detect and identify the complex aging issues these assets face and help the industry to understand the remaining useful life of these assets and most importantly predict the “Time to Fail”.

Brain behind Tardid

Tardid is the brainchild of Mr Niladri Dutta, fondly addressed as Neel. He is the “Architect” of Brainbox, which is the company’s Artificial Intelligence Platform. A complete technology fanatic, he leads from the front for the entire Technology Development and is involved at every single level possible. His energy rubs on the entire team and keeps the team motivated through every project, decision, venture, success and failures. He along with Ms Aastha Verma, the co-founder, conceptualized Tardid and they ensure to keep the vision of Tardid razor sharp every single day.

In the last 20 years, Neel has worn many different hats, starting as a protocol stack person to becoming the business head leading his past organizations to global successes.

Awards and Achievements

Tardid has been fortunate to have received recognition from various different communities. Some of the notable achievements are:

  • Finalist $1 Million Global Startup Challenge at Vizag Fintech Festival 2018
  • Gold Medalist in OSHAI Innovative Startup Product Award by OSHAI 3rd Annual HSE Excellence & Sustainability Award 2018
  • Winner Innocity Pitch Contest 2018 by IIMA
  • Finalist Open Innovation Challenge 7.0 by NTT Data

The World of Technology is all About AI

The contemporary world is tailor-made for the companies who are pushing the boundaries of technology. The entire world has realized the worth of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning but still lack the direction and expertise.

The biggest challenge faced by Tardid was to change the mindset of the industry. To make them understand that there is a possibility for a scientific process to understand critical failures proactively, and this in turn became the best opportunity for the company.

Challenges Strengthens the Journey

Another challenge was to keep the company bootstrapped for close to 1.5 years. This was intentionally done so that Tardid can develop the technology without getting into the pressure of revenue generation.

Other prominent issues were, to find potential technology evangelist customers who appreciate the company’s service and product. Tardid was offering something exceptional and never before seen in the market which made it difficult to convince the customer. But, newer challenges kept the path exciting for the evolution hungry company.

Major Factor of Company’s Success is Tardid’s Team

While considering the completion of company’s successful years, Neel sincerely expresses his gratitude towards “The Team”. He says, “The team has worked without getting any special benefits and still they have given more than their 100%. We have kept our feet on the ground and just worked really hard and will still continue to do so. We were lucky to have investors who allowed us to focus on product and technology development.”

Also, Tardid was conceptualized at presumably the right time, when the world is moving towards the industry 4.0 and availability of the desired resources made it the apt time to work in this area. Furthermore, the aging infrastructure of the heavy industry has created a need for companies like Tardid to provide them with solutions which can help them increase their sustainability.

Motivated Team 

There is an age old saying, “When you love the work you do, it doesn’t remain work anymore.” At Tardid, every individual member has been hand picked for performing the task they enjoy and want to work on. Neel added, “I feel proud to say, that one of our members left his cushy job in Norway to come work with us at a much lower compensation than what he was getting.” Besides that, the company has created such a work-culture where employees are encouraged to bring the difference to a table when opinions mismatch and discuss what fits the best.

Building Long-term Customer Relationships

The industries that Tardid works for, thrives on long-term relationships. Moreover, the company builds the business models which offer clients with the flexibility to start small and gradually make it bigger. Tardid believes in long-term relationships with their customers instead of just a retail one-time relationship. They ensure that their customers also appreciate this mutual dependence in order to obtain the best results.

Artificial Intelligence is the Ultimate Future of Technology

The industry is evolving, the future ahead is very bright. Someone has correctly said that, “Artificial Intelligence will effect everything, there is nothing it will not touch”, we are just at the beginning of the bell curve of growth. It’s a long journey with global need, increasing every second.

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