RNR AD FREAKZ: Advertising for Your Business in a Unique Way

When the founders of company were travelling in dark, a ray of hope sparkled in the form of RNR AD FREAKZ. The name “RNR” arrived from the initials of- Rahul, Naveen and Rakesh. All of them are graduates from University of South Wales, Cardiff, UK.

Back in 2017, when RNR AD FREAKZ started, they faced a lot of obstacles financially and emotionally. They overcame it with their mental strength. The company got numerous ideas instantly, but Implementation of those Ideas was quite a difficult task.

One Stop Shop for All Your Advertising Services

Advertising is nothing but making an UNKNOWN to KNOWN viz, when a company releases a new product it’s UNKNOWN to world, By Advertising we make that product KNOWN to the world. The company offer all the services related to Advertising, Branding, Broadcasting and Digital Marketing.

The company provide a one stop advertising services to their clients and it’s the only company, who deals with above all in UK Format/Standards in India. This set them apart from their competitors.

The Out-of-the-Box Thinkers

Inspiration might come from anywhere. And for RNR AD-FREAKZ, the inspiration comes the unique advertisements in United Kingdom. Basically,

Naveen Kannekanti – Director (Business Development & Broadcasting Media),

Rahul Kumar Bachhu – CEO and

Rakesh Reddy Kayathi – Director (Sales & Finance)

are all graduates from University of South Wales, Cardiff, United Kingdom. The way the advertising is done in this country is totally different and with the use of some technical terms it has raised to a new level in advertising space. So, all of them decided to start an advertising agency in Hyderabad, Which is Unique, Innovative and Creative. The Creative thinking, Creative thoughts made them start RNR AD FREAKZ

The Expedition of Company’s Success Begins with Assiduous Employees

The company believe in Client Satisfaction, and that’s their main motto. Employees of the company dive into the work what they love most and are filled with rejoice of satisfaction. As a subsequence, clients step out with satisfaction and admire them with worthy feedbacks which leads to expansion of business. Besides that, client bestow them with mouth publicity which results in recognition leading to bigger achievement and awards. This is a process where overall growth of the company is obtained. The company got recognized and awarded as the Best Promising startup for the year 2018.

Positive Anything is Better Than Negative Nothing

The company is a firm believers of TIME. As per the current scenario, RNR AD-FREAKZ is the best emerging Advertising Agency. As the company is emerging, it has grabbed each and every single opportunity and in the process of finding opportunities the company never gets affected by any failure and negativity. The company had a positive mindset, a negative word might distract the 1000’s of positive thoughts but positive word will always give strength to their thoughts. So, the company always stay positive even in the negative scenario.

Groundwork has Helped RNR AD-FREAKZ Overcome the Challenges

When the company was a startup, it faced a lot of challenges to sustain in the market. Their industrious efforts and hard-work have helped them overcome all those challenges. The company is all set for new upcoming challenges. To sustain in market, they have always kept their patience at high. To achieve sustainability, the company required credibility from client, in order to get credibility they have to provide the good and prompt services. Ground work is the major challenge and they have found the perfect parameters in ground work. At present, their presence is felt in all parts of Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil nadu (Chennai), Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.

Success is a Long-term Process

Success is not one day play, it is long term process. The major factors for success are Innovation, Commitment and Patience. The company prefer to analyze and troubleshoot their failure first and in next attempt make it successful.

Creativity is a Subsequence of Following Your Heart Truly

RNR ad-freakz are hard core believer of, “To be Creative we must follow our heart truly which gives the best creativity to the organization. To motivate Creativity we must give free space to employees to generate the new creative Ideas. We respect our ideas and we nullify the Creative differences initially to make work flexible and reliable.”

Expansion of Business with Artificial Intelligence

The best strategy to build a healthy work environment is to be honest with clients. For the future ahead, the company is planning to expand their business to the global audience. The main motive of RNR ad-freakz is to create the Ads with disruptive technologies viz Artificial Intelligence, emphasizing on reaching larger section of audience in lesser in less span of time.

We have come up with Digital Advertising this year, where a client can control his Ads through AI. Client can sit in office and can control all his Ads in different countries with just a click.

We are planning to start a new Tech Startup in the next couple of months. This will be a Joint Venture with one of our Sister Company.

Thriving on Social Media Platform

As a fastest growing independent media and advertising agency, RNR AD FREAKZ delivers an innovative and effective advertising solution. The message that company wants to put across Readers, Clients, Investors and Business Partners and everyone: Social Media has been a part of everyone’s life. So, in order to promote your product / Company / Brand / Even Yourself. Social media plays a very important role in everyone’s life. Therefore, the company persuade their clients that RNR ad-freakz will help them LIFT their presence on Social media. The company follows and works on LIFT strategy that is: L – LinkedIn; I – Instagram; F – Facebook; T – Twitter. Thus, the company has started Digital Marketing, which helps the client’s to reach its targeted audience very soon and quick response on the Product/Brand/Company.

Prodigious List of RNR AD FREAKZ Clientele

RNR AD FREAKZ believe in delivering fast and agile services to the clients and the process is accomplished promptly. They have a dedicated team who works on the assignments of the clients business. The company is in discussions to start their IT Journey in the next coming days. The company has worked with vast number of corporate clients which includes Britannia, Manya Group, Bausch & Lomb, Eurokids, BookMyShow, Infosys, Panasonic, MI, Himalaya, Delhi Public World School, UBER, Star Group (Broadcasting), The Times, The Hindu and UBER.

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