Bucket List Dreams: Out-of-the-Box and Cost-Effective Health Management Services

BucketList Dreams’ healthy lifestyle programs are a result of extensive research conducted by an experienced team. It is among the few companies which provide plans for a very affordable rates. Their plans start as low as Rs 999/- They have both individual and group plans ranging from weight loss, detox, post natal, healthy pregnancy, diabetes management, heart health etc. The company’s experts help you improve individual’s quality of life. They are here to make a difference to their customer’s life. Touch the lives of every Indian. BucketList Dreams facilitates people to discover a healthier, happier and fitter life.

All About Aparna and Her Passion towards Work

Aparna Goenka, Director of BucketList Dreams, is the driving force behind the health care platform. She continues to push the boundaries of the platform’s as well as our capabilities, enhancing and developing it. She epitomizes “Walk the Talk”. Her passion and zeal for excellence in everything she does has given her success. She has an experience of 15 years in the IT industry that includes a decade long stint with Infosys. She is an active trustee of an NGO, providing education to children from deprived backgrounds. She was directly instrumental in aligning these kids to mainstream for the past 10 years. Parallelly, she also completed her masters in Special Education from University of Northampton, U.K. Her work-life necessitated her to focus on wellness to stay fit. Once she had this in place for herself and benefitted immensely from it, she has chosen to take it to market. Of course, nothing comes easy, her willingness to walk the untrodden path, with a do-it-all energy and a never-say-die attitude continuing to drive her journey.

Valuable Feedbacks by Customers who Experienced Change

Bucket list dreams was featured in Silicon India. The company has enormous success stories and testimonials. Some of them are,

  • Anupa

To lose weight in such a simple way was the best thing about this program. Losing those first few grams and then kilos was such a boost to my self-esteem. I suddenly felt confident and happy with myself, which I hadn’t felt in a long time. There was no need for a very strict diet that

  • Padmashree

They are very accommodating and keep the diets varying to suit my work and lifestyle. There has been significant inch loss, which is very evident to me and everybody around. All in all the diet plans are reasonable, affordable, flexible and interesting too. I intend to continue with BucketList Dreams. 

Growing Awareness among Indians for Health

The current scenario of healthcare industry is that it is at rapid economic growth, but India has witnessed a surge in diseases capable of adversely affecting the health of its population. Lifestyle diseases are increasing at an alarming rate among the urban sector.

However, the major challenge faced by Indians is, they still do not focus on their food and nutrition. Instead of consulting qualified nutritionists, home remedies or crash and fad diets are often used as a mode of treatment or to achieve their goal. However, the scientific authenticity of information offered is often debatable. But, the notable opportunity is that the Indian healthcare sector is growing at a brisk pace. Urban population are turning health conscious and investing time, energy on the same.

Challenges Encountered while Offering Healthcare Consulting Services

Major challenges faced by healthcare industry is client expectations and funding. Clients may expect to achieve results within a short span of days or weeks of working with nutritionists. For example, clients may expect to lose weight rapidly; if they don’t, they might stop and return to unhealthy eating habits.

Team’s Industrious Efforts

The reason behind the success of BucketList is that each plan is created specifically for each client. No 2 plans are alike and there is no cookie cutter solution. All interventions are age appropriate, suited to their habits and lifestyle and keeping in mind the family budgets. Interventions with superfoods at appropriate times, supported with guidance create the differentiating factor. Motivating clients through their health journey plays an important part of the team’s activities. Giving innovative solutions to companies to improve the health of the teams is also their forte. Workplace productivity has seen significant improvements in companies who have adopted the approach and solutions supported by BucketList.

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